Mould, spring, and a new camera

IMG_0020“We don’t need to do a big clean,” said Joseph last Saturday. “No,” I replied, “it’s clean enough.” This little exchange led to a thorough cleaning of the house. Joseph hoovered places that hadn’t been hoovered in a long, long time and I dared to look behind the curtains, where I found mould, most of it black, but some of it furry-white and pink. I sprayed that mould down, wiped it away. Then, I opened the windows and as I did this, I realised that I hadn’t opened the windows in about twelve weeks (which probably goes some way to explain the mould problem.) With the window open and all the cleaning, I felt it: spring! Ah? Ah! Ah ha ha ha ha, spring! And with that, we had a few days of very spring-like weather, complete with sunshine (“eyes, eyes!” says Boone.)

With this sunshine my thoughts wandered over to the new camera we’d bought way back in the beginning of January – the new camera that had been sitting in the same spot for weeks, untouched, and beginning to look a lot like an ill-formed January resolution. On the day we bought it, I’d opened up the manual and had gotten as far as the section on charging the battery. I managed to charge the battery and then stalled on taking any pictures whatsoever, or even reading the manual any further. My main line of defense was that there was no light at all between the beginning of January and this week – the sky has hung heavy and low, right around our eyebrows, for ages. But besides all of this, what the procrastination really had to do with was that I had had the full intention of going manual and manual only. I did not want to start out on automatic as I thought I’d never learn how to use it “properly.” What I really needed to do, though,  was take it out of the bag, put it on auto, and start clicking. So, on one of the sunshiney days this week, I did just that. I had thought I’d take pictures of spring things, like flowers, but as it turns out, Boone had other notions, as per. The pathway became his catwalk, where he’d run, then turn for a quick head-over-the-shoulder shot, and run again. Consequentially, a lot of my pictures looked like this:IMG_0024IMG_0026

But then his curiosity got the better of him:

IMG_0027Which led to this:

IMG_0028I’m so glad I took that camera out.

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