This week

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This is what a week of late nights look like. We don’t know if it’s the jet lag or the fact that it’s broad daylight at 8.00pm, but Boone has decided that he doesn’t want to go to bed at his usual time anymore. He’d much rather spend his regular bedtime hour(s) eating, watching telly, and generally exhausting us and our patience. The result of all this is Boone taking to the bed at 9.00am this morning, saying, “I tied, bed.” Too little, too late, maaaan.



Trying to get “serious”



IMG_0393 Fuzzy head, fuzzy face

Joseph grew a beard. Or, he stopped shaving when we got back from our holidays, in protest. It’s funny but, every day, he goes to work in the morning a certain kind of hairy, and when he comes back in the evening, he’s a whole other kind of hairy! He told me that the look he’s going for is Richie from the Royal Tenenbaums, pre-suicide attempt. Now I’ve got “Needle in the Hay” stuck in my head and it probably won’t leave for another three weeks.

I started running. It used to be called jogging but that’s so passé now. Running, though, is really trendy. Anyway, I’ve started a programme that will hopefully get me up to 20 minutes continuous running in about 8 weeks, in which case I won’t know myself. I’ve done a couple of sessions now, and while they’re doable at the time, the following morning, bam!, I’m stuck to the bed with a tiredness that almost matches that of early pregnancy.

I don’t have a picture of me running but I do have this one of Jennifer Lawrence, who is exactly who I think I am when I go running.


4 thoughts on “This week

  1. You totally look like Jennifer Lawerence running, I am sure! I did couch to 5k and that was ace :D Highly recommend it. One day I will run again. Maybe when Q is about 15. That sounds doable…a few more years to ‘rest up’ hah! xx


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