An adventure goes awry

DSC05124On New Year’s Eve, we tried to say goodbye to the tough, tough year that was 2013 on a positive note by going on an adventure up the mountains. The air was crisp, the sky bright and clear. We had just been on a magical walk through the woods and had come across a field of horses and a rainbow (!) when the above picture was taken. Boone’s sad face was onto something, though, because by the time we’d made the long treck back to the car, Joseph realised that he’d lost his keys. He had had just two keys, one for the house and one for the car, and we were stuck up the side of a mountain with neither. Then sunshine gave way to rain and the air was no longer crisp, just cold. Boone started to go like this: Whaaaaaaaaaaa.

Thankfully, Joseph had his mobile so he called a taxi and we made our way down the mountain towards the nearest pub, because that’s how we mark things geographically in this country. Our landlord wasn’t answering his phone (surprise, surprise) so we had to get a locksmith out to our apartment. The whole expedition ended up costing us €120 and potential frostbite. But we survived. We knocked on our neighbour’s door and he invited us in, made us cups of tea while we waited for the locksmith, and gave Joseph a lift back up the mountain to rescue the car from “the scallywags that’d be up there,” as the taximan put it.

And that’s how 2013 went, in general, one hurdle after another. I’m under no illusions that 2014 is going to be any easier but my aim is to live more and, whenever I can, savour those sightings of horses and rainbows.

3 thoughts on “An adventure goes awry

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