Update: Never trust a crocodile



Innocent! (More or less)

So, I was looking for my ipod just now and as I pulled out the laundry basket in the bedroom, what should I see but my wedding ring. Three exclamation marks !!!

I knew there was something fishy about that whole story. Apologies, Boone, for blackening your name across the internet.  I have to say that, besides being relieved that I have my ring back, I am both impressed and worried in equal meaure that you are a) able to lie for the sake of dramatic effect (hiding my ring behind the laundry basket isn’t half as good a story as flushing it down the toilet, is it?) and b) keep a secret for that long. Of course, for you, these are key elements for a successful practical joke, like when you hold water in your mouth for ages only to laugh it all out when we finally realise why you’ve been quiet for so long. Well, bravo, son, bravo. You really got me this time.

Now, where’s my ipod?

4 thoughts on “Update: Never trust a crocodile

  1. Oh, my gosh! I’m so relieved for you! When I was reading the first post earlier, I kept waiting for the reveal that Boone had put the ring somewhere else. I’m glad that came into fruition! Also, thank goodness you didn’t get a plumber to come out for it. Now you’ll have to find a new Boone-proof hiding spot for the ring!


    • Thanks so much, Cadry! I’m glad to have it back and I’m really glad that we didn’t have to get the plumber out. I’m a bit stumped as to where the best Boone-proof spot is in our apartment – Boone seems to have the monopoly on all the best hiding places ;) Congratulations, by the way, on giving up biting your nails! I love what you said about making a change and needing to believe in it first before it can happen. So true. Happy nail painting!


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